Retail Credit Card Processing 

Complete Merchant Services understands that your credit card processing system must perform perfectly to enable your business to serve your customers and earn a profit. Without this payment option, your business will lose customers and sales revenue. Complete Merchant Services has collaborated with award winning banks to quickly set-up your credit card processing system. If you are looking for retail credit card processing, retail debit card processing, or retail credit card terminals....

We offer our customers:

Seamless integration- Highly trained professionals will help you set up your credit card processing with zero downtime for maximum efficiency.

National Networks- With unsurpassed speed and reliability, we will set your company up with a merchant account on some of the best networks in as little as 24 hrs (in most cases)

Online Customer Support- enjoy around the clock access to your account via the internet and our banks online reporting features!

Complete set up- Once approved CMS will ship your terminal within 24 hrs. already PRE PROGRAMMED (so you can get processing fast and efficiently for your customers)

Superior customer service- We have all the support you will ever need 24hrs . 365 days a year! Try to find that with any other network.

Specialized programs- We offer a full range of products and services to fit your business needs. We can customize a tailored POS system, Retail terminal or anything else (in a matter of minutes) then provide you a quote.

To get a credit card terminal in your store click here.

Retail credit card processing, Retail debit card processing, Retail credit card terminal all can be handled by one of our processors

ATM Machines

ATM machines can help your business profit from each time a person takes money out of the machine. Click here to learn more.

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No application fee-No deposit-

Retail credit card processing