Gift cards and loyalty card set up is easy with our Gift Card solution.

Tired of gift certificates? Can't wait for the next printing because you have orders right now for gift certificates?  Are you just plain bugged with that whole PAPER system?

Now you, too, can have one of those cash-generating gift card systems today. 

The Electronic Gift Card...

 It’s the most rapidly-growing merchant product of all time. Nine out of ten big-name national retailers have switched to plastic and proven its impact on sales. In just the last two years, gift card sales have swept past paper gift certificates to $63 billion vs $12 billion. And it’s all cash, sitting in bank accounts like yours, collecting interest. Thanks to high-quality, high-profit gift card systems are now available to merchants of any size. From single-store mom & pop shops to on-the move, OR 100+ location franchises. Virtually every merchant type—restaurants, bookstores, day spas, sporting goods stores, whatever you can think of—are experiencing gift card success every day. “But will gift cards work for you?” That is the question. The answer? Cards outsell paper gift certificates from two to ten times, every time. Consumers buy them on impulse from displays near the checkout counter. Corporations give them as gifts to their customers and employees. And every card has a double value as a small but-powerful billboard for your business whenever your cardholders open their wallets. So, wouldn’t you like to find out what kind of sales boost gift cards will generate for you? Our Gift and Loyalty Card programs are designed to help merchants quickly and effectively implement first-rate electronic card systems—often with the same credit card equipment already in place. From card design and in-store displays, to secure transaction processing, activity reporting, and 24/7 customer support, we provide every ingredient necessary for you to maximize your sales. Your “money in the bank” that is. This is the year for Gift Cards. Call OUR sales representatives today. It’s money in the bank!

Call us 877-807-5566 and ask about our gift card applications. 

It takes five minutes and your all set. 




Gift Card Profit example:

Custom Card Package Cost = $ 750
Flat Monthly Fee $41 x 12 = 492
Terminal Equipment 495
Total First Year Cost $1,737
Average Sale of $35 x 500 = $17,500
Customer spends more than
value of card: $10 x 500 = 5,000
Total Revenue 22,500
Cost of Goods Sold @ 50% = - 11,250
1st-year Program Cost - 1,737
10 - 12% Breakage** + 2,250
Total Profitability $11,763

Your number may vary but this is normal.

*Breakage = cards never redeemed. **Based on 3.5 transactions per card. Monthly System Access fee is included in Flat Fee program.

Tommy K’s Video:

• 17 locations

• 55,000 cards printed

• 40,412 sold

• $373,677 in the bank

• One happy merchant


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