Want to broadcast your message to thousands of digital video player at once.?

We have partnered with some of the most advanced companies to provide you with the ability to have as many digital displays in your stores as you need to for a wholesale cost!

Yep we use a simple infrastructure to deliver up to the minute digital content over wireless or TCP/IP network. 

You get a display unit at each register that has content on it like this:

We can display any content you want on the screen. This is great for truck stops or gas stations or supermarkets. Call us today for a quote- 928-706-6769

Why do you need to advertise on a digital medium? Because you can change your message in real time.

ATM Machines

ATM machines can help your business profit from each time a person takes money out of the machine. Click here to learn more.

Apply for a Merchant Account!!


So your ready to sign up for a merchant account but you need a form to fill out to get it set up. Well click here and we will get you a great merchant account rate and company to work with- We are a registered agent for over 10 different companies. Translation- you will get the best possible rate and service for your money and application!

No application fee-No deposit-

Almost every business approved!  Digital signage for merchants to send their messages directly to the cash register.