Credit Card Processing Set Up Services 

So business are now ready to accept credit cards and need the right type of account for your application. A Restaurant, Bar, Tavern (so called "regular retail") accounts are different from ecommerce accounts in the processing banks point of view. These both have different rates and can be confusing to any merchant.

 What we do is break it down into easy to understand language for you to make an informed decision.

Just click on the type of account you need below and you will be directed to the  page that corresponds to your needs, it is that simple. 

Ready? Here are your credit card processing choices:

Regular Retail- Bars, Taverns, Restaurants, Automotive, Gift shops are just a few that we can provide this service for. Get you FREE credit card machine today.

Ecommerce Internet Shopping Cart- Choose this account if you are selling products online through the internet.

Web Based- Choose this option if you want to type the credit card number into your computer and get approval. This is good for back office operations or you get a lot of credit card numbers in the mail or over the phone.

Wireless- Choose this option if you would like to take credit cards in a remote location with a cell signal . Good for any one of the service industries. 

Text based Payments: Get customers to pay you via their cell phone. Just text in the amount and your done! 


Credit card processing supplies click here

ATM Machines

ATM machines can help your business profit from each time a person takes money out of the machine. Click here to learn more.

Apply for a Merchant Account!

So your ready to sign up for a merchant account but you need a form to fill out to get it set up. Well click here and we will get you a great merchant account rate and company to work with- We are a registered agent for over 10 different companies. Translation- you will get the best possible rate and service for your money and application!

No application fee-No deposit-